Kate DeWitt

Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Mondays 18:15 + Tuesdays 9:30, Saturdays + Sundays 9:30 (alternating, see schedule)

Kate is the Founder and Owner of LUVI based in Amsterdam. An expat and former corporate lawyer, Kate completed her yoga teacher training with Yogaworks in 2017 after she decided to take the fever of legal deal work and apply to it her passion for yoga and healthy, natural living. She originally fell in love with vinyasa yoga because of its dynamic flow, the invigorating sense of accomplishment it gave her to learn new things outside of her professional career and because yoga allowed her to have fun, everyday. Kate classes offer you the chance to lose yourself in your breathe and movement,  learn something new, and often include inversions (her favorite). Kate also organizes the LUVI Pop Up events at the studio (see Pop Ups page) and the LUVI Retreats. She shares her love of simple, clean food with you through LUVI Food's energy balls at the studio and recipes online (see LUVI Food). She also films videos for the LUVI Yoga YouTube channel.

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Moena de Jong

Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Tuesdays 12:15,  Flow + Yin Fridays 10:00 and Deeper Vinyasa Flow Fridays 12:15

Moena is a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher who started her teaching journey with Hatha yoga, based on the principle of Critical Alignment. Practicing and teaching yoga are an art, connected to the heart. Moena teaches her classes the same way she loves to receive lessons: welcoming at all times, open to positive, transformative experiences. Aside from your unique individual experience of feeling more open and gaining a broader perspective on your possibilities, you feel the magic of a group synergy as the energy in class is uplifting. Moena invites to you rediscover yourself, feel inspired as you kindly explore every breath and sometimes accept a challenge with a non-violent approach. The music that accompanies the class is carefully chosen and flows magically with the postures.

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Italy Padilla

Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Fridays 14:30

Italy’s yoga teacher training started in Bali. Her vinyasa classes at LUVI Yoga in Amsterdam are put together through intelligent sequencing and a love for fluid, dynamic movement. Italy's background in professional dance gives her style a rhythmic feel; seamlessly transitioning, linking breath with each posture. Italy enables her students to feel more physically aware and present, making them feel strong and uplifted.

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Jill Laise

Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Wednesdays 18:15 + 19:45 and Fridays 8:00

New to the Amsterdam yoga scene from New York City, Jill first found yoga as a way to cope with stress and anxiety.  Over the years, as her relationship with yoga deepened, she became passionate about sharing this multi-faceted practice with others. Jill completed her vinyasa yoga teacher training and yin module at New Love City in Brooklyn, where she later taught vinyasa classes.  Jill teaches a dynamic and powerful vinyasa flow guided by music.  Her sequences provide the gateway for you to focus your attention inward and enjoy the present moment. Through the guidance of music and breath, Jill encourages you to connect with your senses and be fully present in your body. She hopes you leave class feeling empowered, clear-headed and relaxed.

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Daniel Maciejewski

Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Mondays 7:00 and Thursdays 19:45

Daniel is a certified Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher and sound healer who loves everything around yoga and mind work. Originating from the event/nightlife business and advertising, Daniel's passion for sound and event organization brought him to the idea to organize yoga classes in Amsterdam and his own retreats with a no bullshit approach. Bringing a practice that helped him to keep his feet on the ground in rowdy times to people that might not be that open to such things, is his biggest mission. “Talking about spirituality like talking to a friend in a bar” is the way he believes to reach yoga aficionados as well as newbies to the practice in a down to earth way and move them right where they feel they need to be moved. In addition to the traditional forms of his yoga practice, Daniel enjoys sharing what he calls electric flow, combining a spicy vinyasa flow with electronic music. Love for music also lead his path towards Tibetan sound bowls as a tool for meditation and other sound healing practices. 

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Teaching schedule: Vinyasa Flow for Beginners Mondays 12:30

Olena started her yoga journey 15 years ago, first with pregnancy yoga and after the delivery of a beautiful sun Maxime, and then returning to post-natal yoga, and then regular Iyengar Yoga classes. Olena sees yoga as the path to self-study and holistic healing. Yoga brings the body, mind and soul to unity and balance.

Olena follows her mentor, teacher Barbara Queirolo, Iyengar Inetrmediate Senior Teacher- 1, and from June 2017, Berber Schönholzer- Iyengar Senior Teacher -3. Today she is in her tthird year of teacher training and in June 2018, Olena will sit for the Iyengar Introductory Exam. 

Deepening the understanding of the body, mind and soul is an amazing process, that never stops. Being able to share her knowledge and experience with yoga practitioners is a beautiful thing that makes Olena feel happy and complete. That is why she decided to become a yoga teacher.


Teaching schedule: Pregnancy Yoga Thursdays 16:30

Lauranza has been teaching yoga since 2012 when she left London for India to train in a traditional Indian Ashram and gain her teaching certificate in Hatha Yoga. After returning home, she took further teacher trainings in Vinyasa flow and Prenatal yoga.

Lauranza loves exploring creative movement with her vinyasa classes and feels honored to teach pregnancy yoga to women going through their amazing personal journey to motherhood. After having her first baby in 2017, she feels that she can bring her own experiences to the mat, helping students to adapt to the changes in their body in a positive way, through safe and effective yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation.


Teaching schedule: All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Mondays 19:45 and Tuesdays 18:15

First exposed to yoga in high school, Sevinna found yoga a natural addition to dancing. Recognizing yoga not only helps building flexibility, but also strength, she was quickly hooked. For Sevinna, yoga is about listening to the body, finding comfort in new sensation, with compassion and grace, in order to grow and heal. She received her power vinyasa teacher training from CorePower in San Francisco in the summer of 2016.

Sevinna thrives to create a supportive, invigorating, and grounding environment for your practice so that you leave the studio feeling better than when you walked in. 

Off the mat, you can spot Sevinna visiting museums, indulging in Chinese food, sipping tea/coffee/Washington Apple, and planning her next dream vacation. 


Mirjam  Heldmann

Teaching schedule: Candlelit Yin Tuesdays 19:45 + Thursdays 18:15, All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Wednesdays 7:00

Mirjam completed her teacher training with Yogaworks in 2017.  She believes in the transferability of movement, the strength and flexibility (or space) you create on the mat you will take with you into your daily life. Mirjam believes that strong bodies are a catalyst to being confident and present in many areas of our lives. She welcomes all levels In her classes at LUVI Yoga in Amsterdam and loves to inspire you to move.

Curious about expanding her limits and fascinated by "mind over matter" and the synergy of mind and body, Mirjam has been running races up to 100km long.

Mirjam Heldmann.png

Teaching schedule: Vinyasa Flow for Beginners Wednesdays 12:30 and All-Levels Vinyasa Flow Thursday 9:30

New to the Amsterdam-yoga scene, Paola's journey in yoga started in Italy where she completed her teacher training in Hatha Yoga and then later discovered and fell in love with Vinyasa. 

Paola discovered yoga in the tough world of finance; what began as an escape from the fast-pace of Milan life soon became a daily discipline and then a career. Throughout those years, yoga serves as a guideline for Paola: "grounding me, bringing me back to centre, helping me keep things in perspective and my priorities clear."  Paola recently left the banking industry, spent two months in India to deepen her practice and then relocated to Amsterdam with her usband.

Paola  enjoys teaching classes where she combines the beauty of flow with a special attention to proper alignment. She strives to help beginner yogis to feel comfortable with the practice as well as motivate advanced practitioners to progress. Paola invites yogis to welcome any challenge on the mat by questioning their self limiting thoughts and exploring their endless possibilities. 


Fernando Aguado

Teaching schedule: Traveling with his music until July

Fernando is undertaking his yoga teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Centrum in Amsterdam. Focused on laying solid foundations for his students' yoga practice, Fernando's classes revolve around the principles of alignment and conscious action as a means to developing a clear quality in awareness. Individual adjustment and attention to detail are integral parts of his teaching style. With an extensive background as a classical musician, his yoga practice is rooted in the Iyengar tradition and he is constantly finding connections between both practices.  In the words of  B.K.S Iyengar: “Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

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